Growing up in New York, Columbia University has always been a dream. One of my goals in life is to complete at least one course at Columbia University at any level. Part of the Ivy League elite, Columbia is placed in the top tier of ranked law schools.

There is no question that Columbia University is at the forefront of intellectual property and copyright law. A leader in Journalism, Columbia provides innovative approaches to the study of law and media.

Columbia offers a dual degree program combining a law degree with a master's from its Journalism graduate school. While a rigorous program, the marketability graduates are granted with completion is priceless. A graduate of Columbia law school can expect a beginning salary topping $100,000 a year.

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2002 Vital Stats

Applicants: 6,557

Matriculants: 356

Median LSAT score: 169

Median GPA: 3.64

Number of States represented: 41

Minority Enrollment: 35%

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