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This is Madison Brianne. She is my 3 year old Cocker Spaniel. She is the prissy one out of the bunch. She does not like to get her feathers dirty. She also gets very jealuos when any of the other animals come near me. I hate to say it, but she is my favorite.

This is Tyson. He is the very first animal that I acquired in college. He is not happy with all of the other animals that I have gotten over the years. He is the only male out of the group. He spends most of his time outside and only comes in to eat. That's how he maintains his plump physique.

This is Skylar Matanzas. The name Matanzas comes from a fort in St. Augustine. She is my nine month old Black Lab. She is a crazy dog. She doesn't believe that she is 65lbs. She bounces off of the walls and always wants to be a lap dog. She is a lot of fun, and she sure has livened up my house.

This is Marley. She was found at Scotty's Hardware Store on top of a pallet of fertilizer in their overhead. Her mother left her for dead because she was the runt of the litter. She was very frail and weak. Now she is a month old and is growing stronger everyday. She still nurses out of a bottle, which gets old real fast! Overall, she is a wonderful addition to the group.

This is Mango. She was also found at Scotty's Hardware Store. She got to stay with her mother for a little longer than Marley. She was in the same litter, but she is twice the size of the other kitten. She is all over the place. The other kitten has come alive because of her. She is somewhat of a bully, but Marley is glad that she joined her, and so am I.


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