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This is a weird, but cool, Place!

Well, I am from Maracaibo, the second largest city in the country (but the best!) after Caracas (the Capital). If you havenīt noticed it, Venezuela is located at the top north of South America, which has given us some advantages in the international trading scenario, we have a huge portion of the Caribbean Sea, where we have some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes in the world, in the coastal border and in dozens of Islands and Archipielagos.

Oil Activity at Maracaibo Lake

But I will not be the Travel Channel here! You may find this description unusual, even with no sense, but I will tell you the information that you wonīt find anywhere. My first tip for you, is to go to Venezuela, if you really want to have fun! It is a crazy place!

First I need to tell that Venezuela is a country where practically laws donīt exist, and as Venezuelans we are aware of that when we travel to another countries like the United States or any nation in Europe. (But I tell you, we really respect other countries laws, because we donīt like problems) Maybe this is the whole cause of the political and social problems that we have had for several years. But we may let those discussions to the world politicians who donīt really want to come up with a real solution anywhere, because if things would be OK everywhere, they would have nothing to do! Donīt you think?

Panoramic View of Maracaibo

If you watch news and still donīt understand whatīs going on there recently, Iīll briefly explain it objectively (I am a Journalist!, who better?). We elected in 1998 a president (Hugo Chávez) which promised a radical change in the political and economical situation that was at its worst ever. Our polititians had been the ones who stole and stole (The Nation is in the Top Ten in Corruption!) while we were watching a TV comedy show called: Radio Rochela, where we laughed about what was happening. How come? Oil profits was reaching almost everyone. When youīre OK, you donīt care, that is a characteristic of a Latin American Society.

Plaza of the Republic. A very popular place in the city

When politicians overpassed the corruption limits, the problems began. Chavez was running against nobody serious and he easily got the power. But instead of a really work on the change, this guy and his weird fellows have shown comunists ideas (which donīt fit in our time!) and have gone against the private entepreneurs, producing a lack of private inversion and the firing of millions of workers. His populists ideas are now only shared by low-class people and have divided the country with the hate from them to working and upper classes.

With all of this, nothing stops you to go there!

We even have a huge Ice Skating track. Weird,isnīt it?

The best of my country is the people. You will find there a very modern society, technologically and intelectually, combined with the warmest traditions. Maybe this is a constant in other Latin-American countries, but Venezuela is definitely the one which have kept the real Latin Spirit.

Among the best enjoyable cities is Maracaibo. The average temperature is 98°F (all-year long), but you may not percieve it because it is very cold everywhere!(Air conditionated). With a population of 1.5 millions, the people speak with a unique accent, are very regionalist and always are in good mood! : ) Maracaibo is recognized as the cleanest city, and is the one who have had the fastest development in the country. It has 1 major public university-The University of Zulia- with a huge campus of 50.000 students at all levels, and 3 private universities. There is also an international airport, one of the crowdest trading ports in America and the biggest and longest Bridge in Latin America, which crosses the Maracaibo Lake, being this the icon of the city.

The Bridge over the Lake. Cityīs Engineering Pride!

Wanna Party? Restrictions? Forget about it! Everybody must take care of themselves. Want more freedom? Now get ready to Pack!

    Here are some weird facts about Maracaibo and Venezuela:

  • Venezuela is the larger beer consumer in America.
  • Venezuela is the country with more cellular phones in Latin America.
  • Maracaibo is the highest electricity-consumer city in Latin America.
  • Venezuela was before 1999 the only country in the world where Pepsi was the selling leader over Coca-Cola.
  • Venezuela is the second country with higher corruption level in the continent.
  • According to a World Architectural Congress, Maracaibo is the worst planificated Streets-Avenues city in the continent.
  • Maracaibo is the city with most overweight people in the country (Our food is the Best!).
  • Venezuela is the country with most beauty pageant titles in the world.
  • The most solid and wealthy companies in Venezuela after the Oil company are the Beer and Tobacco industries
Maracaibo. Paramount Pictures 1958. 
Starring Michael Landon

Ahora hablaremos de Gainesville...Sigue!

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