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Interviewing Rickey Henderson during Spring Training´02 in St.Petersburg, Florida


I have been involved with Sports Media since my early years in college, and with Baseball, probably all my life. From play-by-play game announcements of Venezuelan Little League Baseball to Major League Baseball in Television, passing thru the production of several successful programs on Baseball, I have gone thru most of all the production tasks in Radio and Television: Anchor, Reporter, Producer, Editor, Director, Logger, Assistant, Programmer and even responsible for Marketing and Promotion.

Currently on...

I am currently in my first year at the University of Florida, in Gainesville, USA, where I am pursuing a Masters degree in Mass Communication with concentration in Telecommunications.

I also serve as a permanent Sports Analyst for CNN En Español Radio, CNN´s Spanish radio service for affiliated stations in 15 countries in America.



Professional Experience



Media and Sports Management

Special Coverage

Organization Membership

Computer Skills

Handling of the following software packages:


Leonte Alcides Landino Valbuena, many people know me just by "Leo". My birthday is on December 20th. 1978. I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I Graduated from Los Robles High School in Maracaibo. Played Baseball in High School until AA Amateur Category.

Now, I enjoy playing softball and practice batting in cages. Like to travel a lot and to listen practically all kind of GOOD music, specially Latin beats. I love Playstation Baseball and Cars games. I am also a Big fan of Japanese Cartoons (Anime). If you are asking yourself who would be my favorite baseball player: New York Yankees´ Don Mattingly """"23"""". (Well, now I like Derek Jeter!)

Ok, now let´s talk about Venezuela!

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