My Favorite Sports Teams

Houston Rockets

Florida Gators

1) Houston Rockets
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Houston Rockets is my most favorite team. I knew Houston Rockets for the first time in 1994. At that time, Houston    Rockets had third match with Phoenix Suns in 93-94 western conference semifinals playoff. Rockets' line-up was Hakeem Olajuwon (C), Otis Thorpe (PF), Robert Horry (SF), Vernon Maxwell (SG), and Kenny Smith (PG) and Suns had Charles Barkley (PF), Dan Majerly (SG), Danny Ainge (SG/PG), and Kevin Johnson (PG). Houston had just lost its first two home games and home-field advantage and were in a poition to get swept in Phoenix when out of nowhere Maxwell scored on five consecutive 3-pointers to lead the Rockets to victory and eventually a series win over the defending Western Conference Champs. The player of the game was absolutely Vernon Maxwell. He was crazy. Most 3 point shots that he tried were successful. He was amazing. Because of him, Rockets could get game. This game was very impressive for me. Since then, Houston Rockets became my favorite team.

Houston Rockets' best game: 94-95 western conference semifinal 7th game
This game was amazing!  Most analysts and specialist anticipated that Suns would defeat Rockets. However, Rockets was the winner, and finally won the final championship. Only 21 seconds remained and score was tied, 100 : 100. In this game, the hero was Mario Ellie. he succeeded 3 point shot at 7 second before the end of the game. I can hardly forget that moment. 

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2) Florida Gators, University of Florida Football Team


University of Florida has the great football team. They won National Championship in 1996 season and SEC Championship in 1993, 1994,1995,1996, and 2000. Now, Gator has the best quarterback, Rex Grossman. Last year, Steve Spurrier  resigned and became Washington Redskins head coach with 5-year contract, 25 million dallar.  Ron Zook, 47, a fiery, high-energy coach with 24 years of coaching experience at the collegiate and professional level, was named head football coach at the University of Florida on January 9, 2002.

Gator's History
Steve Spurrier and the Gators of the 1990's have seen a National Championship and many SEC Titles. The Gators of the '90s have seen award winners like Danny Wuerffel, they have seen players break records and break down the opponent that they are playing. Fans have enjoyed the winning and the bragging rights that go with it. Steve Spurrier has seen himself rise to the record of the winningest coach in Gator football history and still going strong.

But it was not always this way, there were not always big wins sometimes the Gators didn't win a game all season. Before the '90s the Gators and the Gator Fans saw there first SEC title taken away from them because of a NCAA investigation that found out that the Gator football program was cheating.

Even times when the Gators had great college players they just could not come together to win it all. They could not beat their big rivals as in the case with Georgia the record over the 81 year rivalry before Spurrier was 22-43-2 not very good.

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