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Well, what can I say except that I think I'm the luckiest person in the world when it comes to my family and friends. I couldn't think of a way to make it better. God has been good to me!

I grew up in a very loving home with my little brother, Matt. He just started college at UCF. Unfortunately, my mom died in March 1999 of breast cancer, and I miss her very much. She was an incredible person, and I feel blessed that I was able to know her, even though it was for only 16 years. But my dad has been a wonderful support, and he is the best man that I know. My favorite time with him is when he comes up to watch Gator football games. He's the best! Our two dogs, Dixie and Bogie, live with him in Royal Palm.

Me and Matt on 
       vacation in North Carolina Me and Dad tailgating 
       at a Gators'game Mom at the beach in 1976

My friends are great too. I have two best friends, Bree and Miranda, that I've known since sixth grade. Bree is an advertising major at UCF. Miranda is going to start nursing school at FAU. We are all very different from each other, but we all share the same sense of humor. I miss them very much. Like they say, you know when a person is your best friend when they see you at your dorkiest and still aren't afraid to be seen with you in public. I think that just about sums up how we are together. I have become very close friends with my roommates, too. I love each of them, Kait, Ashley, and Christy, like sisters. We always have a great time together, whether we're having a party at our apartment or just hanging out on the patio making fun of people in the parking lot. One of our hobbies is to go to Dave Matthews Band concerts--we've been to three and plan on going to one in December, too. We also have two kitties that keep us entertained--Romeo and Destiny. There are many other people that make my life the joy that it is, too many to count, but I am thankful for all of them!

Bree, Katie, 
       Miranda, and Me in the Bahamas for our 16th Birthdays Christy, Kait, Me, and 
       Ashley at one of our Halloween parties Romeo and Destiny caught 
       in a compromising position
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