this is the anchor.

These are a few of my favorite things

Yes, I have other interests besides school,
I know it's hard to believe. Check out who and what takes up most of my time.

This is Barry, my boyfriend and best friend of two years (Nov. 8 is our anniversary). He graduated with highest honors in August 2002 and a degree in pyschology. He plans to go to medical school, hopefully at UF and become an orthopedic surgeon for a sports team. Barry ran track for UF until he broke his foot and got shin splints. Check out the men's track and field team. (Special note to Barry: I love you!)
Barry and me on graduation day. It's nice to walk after sitting in the O'Connell Center for hours!

Heather and Susan are two of my good friends at UF. They both work with me at the Career Resource Center. If you ever need help with a resume, Heather is your woman. And Susan is Ms. Public Relations. We have some good times!

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