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The Wonder Years??

liasdjldkfjslfjsld A very Brief Timeline of Lisa Greene's Life
  • Born June 17, 1982 at Bayfront Hospital, St. Petersburg, Fla.
  • That makes me a Gemini- (sorry, had to interrupt).
  • Grew up in Seminole and Palm Harbor, Fla.
  • My dad gets transferred and we move to Highland Village, TX (north of Dallas) in 1996.
  • No, we don't ride horses to school.
  • Attended Marcus High School. Go Marauders!
  • Graduated in 2000, University of Florida here I come!
  • Plan to graduate May 2004 with a degree in Public Relations and a concentration in Health Science.
  • Hope to one day be just like Samantha in Sex and the City, living the good life, close to the beach with a house in the mountains. Hey, I can dream can't I?

What's Going on Now?

After all these years, my family has returned to be one with the ocean in Ft. Lauderdale. Now, the biggest problem they face is finding parking at the beach. (I feel really bad for them). My brother, David, just turned 18 and is a freshman at University of Central Florida. I happen to like orange and blue far more than black and gold. He is kind of the lone ranger since both my parents and I went to the University of Florida. *Fun fact: My parents actually met at Library West!

So, there's just the four of us, no pets, although the closest I got to one was a hamster named Tinkerbell. Even she was too much trouble and got sent away.

Ah, relatives- we all love 'em, right? I have relatives spread out all across the country. Got my favorite Grandpa in Pawling, NY, some family in Massachussetts, Maryland, Delaware (my crazy "Aunt Barbwire"), Florida, California, and Washington. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone!

I currently am living in Bellamay Grand apartments and am enjoying the wonderful world of Gainesville. I remember first coming here for Preview. It was so hot and humid outside that there was steam coming off the pavement. I knew I was in for a LONG four years. But, now that I am here, I love it, except for the idiotic drivers, the new G.A.T.O.R.S. phone system, the parking situation on campus, the people that try to hassle you in front of the Union....

But really, I love UF and the people I have met. A special hello and I love you to my parents, the Highland Village/Flower Mound crew and to Barry!

David and Lisa
My brother David and me
My mom, Pat, my dad, Bob, my brother and me
The Greene's with my Grandpa Lee
The partners in crime
A nice lunch in Tampa with my Grandma Nada
Say cheese!

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