Football Games

We went to the Tennessee game this year in Knoxville. It was a ton of fun and since our team was victorious, the trip was well worth it! We were able to get a really nice (Red Carpet Inn) hotel (motel) for the low low price of $28 a night. Ok, we were only supposed to have one person in the room and we had five, but for $7 per person per night, it was worth sneaking by the front desk.

Out favorite quote from the trip?

Jacky-Lynn (to Dale, the cab driver in Knoxville): "Do you want some gum?"

Dale: "I can't chew, I ain't got no teef!"

We decided to stay at O'Charley's instead of going to the game in the rain.

In 2001, Kristin and I went to Atlanta for the SEC game. The cold weather was something we don't have too often in Florida, so we enjoyed bundling up for the game. While we were there, we were invited to attend a "VIP" party where "a bunch of movie stars" were going to be...

Surprisingly, none of them showed up...but we still had fun running in to people from Gainesville that we knew.

Go Gators!

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