We studied in Valencia, Spain, for six weeks and traveled to England, France, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy for two weeks. Places to stay? no. A travel guide? no. Even a book about Europe in general or key words to learn? no. What DID we have? Three huge bags of luggage, which we reluctantly dragged through subways, airports, entire cities and train stations.

This, obviously, is the Eiffel Tower. It was amazing and pictures can't do it justice.

In Paris, we took a bike tour through the city with a large group of Americans, hitting all of the main attractions and stopping to take pictures. It was a ton of fun (and nice to be able to converse easily with everyone around us) and I would highly recommend it. Mike's Bike Tours is located in several major cities in Europe.

We also traveled all over Spain on the weekends. While the way we traveled is definitely NOT highly recommended, by us or anyone, we had a wonderful time and luckily, nothing unfortunate happened during any part of the trip.

The craziest and most beautiful place I've ever seen is Ibiza. Crystal clear, aqua water is lined with white sandy beaches and green, tree-filled mountains. At night, well actually all day long and through the night, there are wild parties going on. In fact, a number of the famous clubs there don't open until around 9 a.m. and are designed to be "after parties" that last until the next evening. I honestly don't believe there is another place like it in the world.

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