My Friends

When I came to college, I joined a sorority and it helped me to meet an awesome group of girls that have added so much to my life. Each of us are different but when we all get together it seems to create a perfect mix for fun.

We've grown up together over the last four years...

At a party our freshman year:

We have all changed a lot, going through different stages and learning more about ourselves and each other. Through it all, we have supported one another...Oh, and we've had some great times!

Look how we've changed:

At 'The Grog House' a few weeks ago:

We have done a number of crazy things in our day, like go on last-minute road trips to football games and random cities. Whether on a road trip or in Gainesville, we make our own fun.

This is my best friend Kristin.

Even though we just met in college, we have become as close as sisters. We have lived together for three years now and practically all of my memories from college have something to do with Kristin in one way or another.

Last summer, we went on a trip to Europe together.

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