Friends and Family

My First Birthday Celebrating my first birthday with mom and dad. I don't remember it, but from the look on my face I don't think I was enjoying the clown candle on my cake.
My Family Goofing around with my brother Matt, my mom Kathleen and my dad Bob. We were on vacation visiting Camp Lejeune, a marine base in North Carolina where we lived for 4 years while my dad was in the Navy.
My Family Striking a pose in front of my house in Orlando with my grandparents and dog Sandy. Sandy has been forced into so many photos that now whenever she sees a camera, she joins the crowd for a pose.
The Family Tree The Girls: Me, My Mom, My Grandmother, My Great Aunt Roz. We visited her house in the mountains of North Carolina for a week during summer 2002.
Gator Fans We bleed Orange and Blue. The 5 of us are going to a Gator game. The roof of my car is still stained from my brother's face paint. Top: Sarah, Kristina, Me. Bottom: My brother Matt, my boyfriend Jason.
My Boyfriend Christmas 2001: My boyfriend Jason and I. We're at his family's traditional Christmas Eve party where everyone gets into the holiday "spirits".
My Roommates My best friends and roommates. No, the tattoos aren't real. We ate at a gross pizza buffet/arcade in Pananma City Beach and used our video game tickets to buy matching stick-on tattoos.
Spring Break 2001: Kristina, Me, Sarah, Mandy
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