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New Orleans 21st UF Navy Engagement Friends Prom STA Family Babes & Mac Pets Amry

W e're on our way!

O ur fist stop on Burbon Street. We had the house special, Granades.

O n the Nachez a paddle boat down the Mississippi River .

I f you go to New Orleans go to the Cat's Meow. We had so much fun! Mac sang "Is This Love." It was classic.

L ord Chaz with Mac & I, our tour guide for the vampire tour. Ask us about this guy! He's freaky!

A fter our carriage ride through the French Quarter

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S tarting off the celebration of my 21st birthday. The Old Skool crew is back together.

T he two birthday people, both 21.

M y girls & I about to kick off the fun.

I t's my birthday, I can wear a tiara if I want to!


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T aking in our alma matter's try at the state championship in the Swamp.

S MS friends, Marium, Sunny, Star & I, at Sunny's boy's Miami/UF party.

M ac & I in my apartment on the way out for a night on the town.

S unny's 20th.... Er, I mean 21st birthday party. Hehe. Girl, how many times are gonna turn 21?!

E mmy, Mac & I at Katie & Cristina's apartment before a party.

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M ac and I after a parade at the Naval Academy during the spring of 2001. Parades are kinda boring, but they're worth it. Because after it's over I get to hug my guy!

O n the yard with Mac and Mercy during Commissioning Week at Navy.

M ac and the other plebes climbing Herndon. If you look very carefully you can find Mac. It's kinda like Where's Waldo!

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T he moment. It sweetest proposal in the world and he's the sweetest guy. After we danced along the river.

O ur engagement picture taken by none other than Miss Nicole Kent.

A fter the proposal! I just couldn't stop hugging the boy. Hehe.

T he stunning ring Mac gave me.

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Z eta Fest after we were hosed down and burnt to a crisp. Talk about old skool! What were we like 15?

L eon and Brian at Angela's graduation party.

E mmy, Angela, Bennett, Hager & I at Dave's New Years party.

G irl's night out. OK, so it's more like girl's night in, but so what? GNOs are soooooo much fun. All my girls, yummy drinks, lots of food and endless laughs.

A fter a cake attack at the surprise party Mac threw me on the beach for my 20th. What a fun night!

E mmy, Suzy, Bennet & I at Bennett's house for a little get together this past summer.

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F ormal prom picture. What a great night. Don't we look absolutely classic!

T he world's best prom pre-party at Hagers. So fancy smancy, we felt so special.

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G o Raiders! That's Brian in the costume. We made those shirts and I was so proud of them. Those football games were the best!

V ery last day of high school ever! Happy and Sad. Bobbo, Roby, Mac & I. Roby being the one wearing the giant afro. Don't ask.

K atie & I at the homecoming dance senior year. We were probably thinking 'take the picture already, it's time to go party at Cristina's.

M ac, Roby & I after bacaloriate mass. Yes, I know I can't spell. But it wouldn't be my website without poor spelling!

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M om & I at graduation. This is my favorite picture of us.

M om, Dad, Mike & I after my graduation from Saint Thomas.

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M ac & I's senior portrait. I love this picture.

M ac & I at the surprise party Mac and Cristina threw for me. You probably can't tell in this picture, but Mac has katchup on him.

U s at Disney last Christmas. It was a nice little getaway for us. We're about to go on splash mountain. Yay!

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O K, so this dolphin isn't really my pet. But a girl can't hope can't she? Swimming with this cool little one was my birthday present from Mac.

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J ust a nice picture of Mac at West Point. I'm sure that those round things are something important but he hasn't explained that to me yet.

S erious Mac. He likes to make that face in pictures when he's in uniform. Perhaps he's wondering why in the world he wanted to do exchange at Army. Hehe.

S omeone passed out in their rack. Boy, I hope Mac knows that kid.

N ow I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that the angry guy on the left is Mac's roommate J.

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Created by Danielle Collins. Email at DanieIIins@aol.com