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hat can I say about my friends? Well, for one thing, both Mac & I love every single one of you! We really have great friends. It's funny how different we all are, but how well we get along.

ur "old skool" friends are our friends from before high school. Ya'll know who you are! But I'll name ya anyway. Hehe. Sunny, Carlos, Niki. You know, sometimes I don't see ya for a while, but once we're back together it's like nothing has changed. Carlos & I still bicker. Sunny & I still... hell, I don't know what she & I do. Accessorize maybe?! Niki & I still can barely believe we actually get along. Hehe.

here are way too many Saint Thomas friends for me to name. That was always one of our jokes, how many of us there were. We walk into Denny's, "Table for 24 please." I bet you think I'm joking. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. I speak for Mac & I both when I say that I've never had so much fun before! Mass in the grass, prom, spring break, Brian's house, football games, football game parties, homecoming, lunches, Cristina's parties, GNOs, Calini and talking for hours in the parking lot. Come on, you know you guys miss that! And the best part is that the "good times" continue! Hell, I couldn't get away from you guys if I wanted to, I live with two of ya! Hehe.

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