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he key requirement to getting into the University of Florida is that you have to be or become a diehard Gator fan. Well, that's not really true, but it certainly seems like it is! Here in Gainesville students and residents alike live, breath and die by Gator football. I have become one of them. Yes, I wear tiny F's on my face, have Gator related articles of clothing, games decide my mood for the following week and I have even been known to use the phrase "I bleed orange and blue." Yes, I am a Gator. Look! I've even gotten Mac to come over to our side.

hen I'm not watching football, I go to school. I'm studying public relations and business and I'm finally in my junior year. Yay! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel . Lord only knows what kind of work I'll end up doing; the life of a military wife can be rough on a career. Maybe I 'll just have ten million babies!

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ac doesn't go to real school, or at least that's what he likes to say. Mac is a 2/c Midshipman at the United States Naval Academy located in lovely Annapolis, Maryland. Mac has to do things like stand watches and march in parades and can't decided for himself when he wants to go out, but at least he gets to wear a spiffy uniform! All kidding aside, the Academy is a tough place to get into and a tough place to stay in, but Mac's doing quite well if you ask me. He's in his third year as an English major, is getting great grades and somehow finds the time to participate in activities like teaching Sunday school. Right now Mac is doing an exchange program at the United States Military Academy, where he will remain for the rest of the semester. Be sure to watch for him during the "exchange of prisoners" at the beginning of the Army/Navy game on December 7. GO NAVY!

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he future. Dun, dun, dun. Hehe. Mac is working on finishing up his credits before his second semester of his firstie (senior) year, because he wants to start on his masters education. For his masters Mac wants to get his masters in National Security from Georgetown University. He'll be in that program for a semester and then graduate from the academy and then continue at Georgetown for another semester. Me? I'm just trying to finish up school as fast as possible! Once Mac is commissioned, he hopes to become part of the Marine Corps family. Shortly after commissioning, comes the event everyone has been waiting for, our wedding! By then it'll be eight years in the making. Our very first apartment will be somewhere in the tri-state areas. After grad school is over and done with, we'll be reporting to Quantico, Virginia for Mac to go through training at The Basic School. From there on, who knows what will happen!

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