China Town

Bright and early in the morning we passed by China Town on our walking tour of downtown Portland. Portland has a large population of Asian residents, which is evident in the part of town. On our tour, we browsed the festival open every weekend, saw the Willamette River and the founding buildings of the city. Although Portland is nice, I prefer Seattle--downtown there is new and nicer looking.

We also went to Washington Park, which is awesome. It is absolutely huge, with tons of trails and trees. The best way to get there is by taking public transportation. The bus from downtown goes to the park for free. We spent several hours walking the trails and taking in the views. Washington Park is a must-see in Portland.

Like in Seattle, our hotel was an old, converted home. We also found it on the Internet. The Clyde Hotel was a pretty nice place to stay, although it is in the middle of the gay district. We didn't realize this until another guest asked if we noticed. Later, as we walked around the area, we did notice the majority of people were men. Whatever the preference, we liked this hotel. It was quiet and safe, with friendly staff.

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