Lake Union

After a few detours around the city, we found Gasworks Park. It is situated on Lake Union and while we were there, several airboats landed and took off. The park is popular with students, who lounge on the grass, and small-craft boaters. The park is quiet, relaxing and very hilly.

On the other side of the lake several neighborhoods are built on the hill. We could also see some houseboats. With all the water in Seattle, residents often live near or on the water. More Seattleites own boats per capita than any other place in the states. They also are said to own more sunglasses (the rain rumor is a trick to keep people away, we think) than any other place.

The highlight of the day was Boombershoot, a huge music festival held every year. It is like Woodstock but cleaner. We prepurchased the tickets online at About 2,500 artists, vendors and performers congregate for this four-day festival. The highlight of the day was seeing my favorite artist, Ani DiFranco. Bumbershoot makes the fourth time I've seen her.

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