The Space Needle from Elliot Bay

As soon as we crossed bridge into West Seattle, we loved Seattle. What a sight! Residents here really have a great view across the bay. We could see the skyline and the Space Needle. We highly recommend making a trip to Alki Beach. It is quiet and has a small-town feel. The beach is full of families playing with their children, joggers and skaters are using the sidewalks beside the beach and driftwood, which can be used to build fires, litter the sand. Plus, the views here are spectacular and clear.

While in Alki, we ate lunch at Pegasus Pizza. This restaurant was mentioned in all of our guide books. It is definitely a local hang-out spot. If you want to be like the locals while enjoying great pizza, try Pegasus Pizza. There is also outside dining so diners can enjoy the weather and people watch.

Later that afternoon, we walked from our hotel to the famous Pike's Place Market. This place is loaded with vendors, stores, restaurants and shoppers. We spent several hours and didn't see everything. If you want to really explore everything there, make sure to take several hours and plenty of cash--most vendors don't take credit cards.

After searing the Internet for places to stay in Seattle, we found a hotel called The Camlin Hotel . It is actually an old home made into a hotel. It was OK. We probably wouldn't choose to stay there again though--a lot of updates need to be done.

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