It's amazing that we were able to fit three girls and three months worth of belongings into my two-door Chevy Cavalier coupe. We stuffed the drunk with all of the essentials: an air mattress, a coffee pot, a radio, a blender and some clothes and headed west n Interstate 10.

I took on the duty as official driver of the summer, as I was behind the wheel for the entire cross country drive. But, as long as we had an assortment of my favorite driving tunes--L.A. Guns,Guns n' Roses, Warrant and Faster Pussycat--I was ready and able to go.The roadtrip proved to be more fun than we had expected, as the hours rapidly passed by. We were so anxious to see what was in store for us in California that even driving through the 900 miles of Texas flatlands was a breeze. For entertainment along the way we played scratch-off lottery tickets from each state that we visited (Louisiana was the luckiest; We won $10).

Three days and seven states later we had arrived.


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