We spent our days in Huntington Beach. We signed a three-month lease and rent a one-bedroom apartment between the three of us. Because we were only going to live there for three months, we thought it was futile to spend what little money we had on decorations. So as a result, our sparse apartment was quite the backlorette pad. Our bedroom was bare except for an air mattress on the floor and our living room had a few pieces of mismatched, used furniture. But, home is where the heart is, and our heart was definitely in California.

We spent the majority of our days lazing in the sun on the warm sands of Sunset Beach, a relatively quiet beach nestled just north of Huntington.

Our best friends Jill and Meghan visited for ten days. We crammed as many sights as we could see in that time. Our favorite pasttime was watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

California is a tad bit more expensive than we were accustomed to, but we expected to get jobs within a few weeks. We applied to every single restaurant in town. No such luck. Unfortunately, the bills kept coming and to earn a little money we posed for a few stock photography photos. Some of our pictures were purchased by Getty Images

While living in California I had an internship at the Orange County Register newspaper as a reporter. I It was an amazing experience and I learned so much about the business I hope to pursue.

The girls at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood

Jinny and Meghan and Marilyn Monroe's handprints The girls at Laguna beach

Shopping in Santa Monica

Jinny and Zac relaxing at their house

Meghan, Liza and Ali in San Diego

A scene from Joshua Tree National Park

The most perfect food in the world: Donutstar donuts

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