Laura Anne Basford
Laura at the beach.

Where I'm From

Until this year, I have lived my entire life in the small town of Marianna, Florida. This is the same town where my father was raised, and where my parents met. So I guess you could say that my roots run pretty deep into the town of Marianna.

My Family

My parents, Tom and Johanna Farmer did a good job of raising their little girl. It would have been easy for them to spoil their only child, but they were able to treat me special without turning me into a brat. Even though I'm married now, I'll always be Daddy's little girl and Mamma's shopping buddy.
For my entire life my grandparents lived just down the street and they, along with my parents, have given me a good example of the way I want to live my life.
Laura on her wedding day


I graduated from Victory Christian Academy as a Junior. No, I'm not a nerd, I just worked my butt off. From there I went to Chipola Junior College where I graduated Cum Laude, with an A.A. degree in music.


I have just become a pre-school teacher with the Early Head Start Program. My goal is to be a wonderful teacher and a meaningful example to my classroom.
Laura at the beach.


Though I do plan on getting my Bachelor's degree in music education, what I really want to be in life is a mother. My husband and I would like to have four children. Once they are mostly grown up, we have a desire to adopt an under privileged child.
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