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Adam and Laura
Welcome to Adam and Laura's nice cozy new home on the web. We invite you to take a brief look at our new life together.

Who We Are

Simply put, we are a young couple from north Florida that is madly in love with one another. We are just beginning our lives together and are looking forward to making a real difference in our world.

How We Met

High school sweethearts? Well, kind of. We met at Victory Christian Academy in the huge town of Sneads, Florida. There, we became close friends (a.k.a. "Little Sister" and "Big Brother"). Through a series of typical high school romantic dramas we moved from close friends to best friends. From that point it's pretty clear that things turned romantic. Now just look at how it all turned out.

What We're Doing Now

Right now, Adam is working as a graduate assistant at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Laura is just starting a new job with the Alachua County School Board as a pre-k teacher. We're both excited about what the near future holds.

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