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Each article on this page was written by D. Nathan Baliva. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these pdf files. If you don't have it, Download a free sample here

Peoria Chiefs

Peoria Chiefs Make Playoffs Article appeared in July 2002 issue of Total Sports Advantage, a Mollock Production Magazine in Peoria, IL

O'Brien Field opener Peoria Chiefs game report from May 24, 2002. First game in O'Brien Field History.

Peoria Chiefs 2002 Recap Season recap for Peoria Chiefs, 2002 Midwest League Champions.


Chris Doering Profile Newspaper style feature on former Florida Gator and current Washington Redskin wide receiver Chris Doering. Written Nov. 2001

Sid Duckman profile Newspaper profile on Florida Senior Games athlete Sid Duckman. Article was done for a Sports Promotion class and appeared in Gainesville Sun October 2001.

Me and Dave Parker Mini biography I wrote for an undergrad journalism class on the formation and development of my relationship with former Major Leage All-Star Dave Parker.

The Fun in Being a Fan Paper i wrote for undergrad Sport in Society class on the point of being a fan and the mannerisms and actions of sports fans.

Sports Media and the Internet Paper done for graduate class at UF on the way the Sports Media is adapting and using the Internet to reach and entertain fans.

Marquette Tribune

The rest of the articles were written during my days on the sports desk at the Marquette Tribune 1997-2000. I covered men's and women's tennis (1997), women's soccer (1997-99) and men's basketball 1998-2000. In addition I wrote a weekly column on a variety if issues in 1999 & 2000.

Marquette basketball Game report on Marquette's 1999 loss to Tulsa in the Blue and Gold Classic.

Cordell Henry Profile on Marquette point guard Cordell Henry early in his freshman year

Midnight madness 99 Account of Marquettes's college basketball kickoff in October 1999.

Marquette vs. Cincinnati Preview as Marquette prepares to take on #1 Cincinnati in Feb 2000.

View from a MU fan column on four years of MU bball from a fan's perspective.

Student attendance at MU games Column challenging fans to attend MU games and create a 6th man.

MU vs. Houston Marquette prepares for Houston game.

1998-99 Golden Eagles Full recap of Marquette's 1998-99 season.

1999-2000 Golden Eagles Full recap of Marquette's 1999-2000 season, the first in the Tom Crean era.

MU beats Charlotte Golden Eagles take out Charlotte behind Brian Wardle.

Marquette prepares for road trip The 1998-99 Golden Eagles prepare for a crucial road trip.

Senior Night '00 John Cliff lights up the arena in his final game in the Bradley Center on senior night 2000 as Marquette defeats UAB.

Micahel Jordan's greatest moments Marquette Tribune column I wrote on the top 5 Jordan moments when he retired Jan 1999.

Derrick Thomas Marquette Tribune column written about the unfortunate death of Kansas City Chiefs star Derrick Thomas.

John Elway's final game Column on why i will never respect or like John Elway.

Should they declare Column defending the underclassmen college basketball players that forego their remaining eligibility for the NBA draft.

Piazza signs with Mets Column looking into the problems created with the contract Mike Piazza signed with the New York Mets.

Comical Look at Masters Column taking a comical look at golf's Masters tournament and its place in American sports world.

Bucks Hire Karl Column looking into the hire of George Karl by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Biggest Final Four Upsets Can the 1999 Duke Blue Devils avoid the upset bug that has bitten other prominent teams.

Should Doc Rivers have his number retired by Marquette University? This column gave my position on the topic.

Coaching Kids Basketball Here is an inside look into the joys of coaching youth basketball.

Boxing Why boxing is far past its prime when Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson are the prime time players.

Who should rank as the Top 5 athletes of all time? Marquette students completed a survey and made their choices as the 20th century drew to a close.

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