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Hi and welcome to Sports My Way, an individual's unique look at the Sports World. My name is Nathan Baliva and I am a sports communication graduate student at University of Florida This website will allow you a unique view at my life, my career aspirations, and my passion with sports. It will introduce you to my family, my interests, and a look into my travels around Europe in the fall of 1999 when I participated in a Study Abroad program at St. Clare's in Oxford, England. Finally, you can see where else I like to travel on the web in my links section. Thanks for stopping by, continue to come back, and feel free to email me by accessing the contact button on the bottom left-hand side.

The Baliva family on Caribbean cruise Aug. 2001

My family, Dominic, Zachary, Julie and myself on a Caribbean Cruise in August 2001, days before I moved to Gainesville and enrolled in graduate school at UF.

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