Trigun Episodes

Episode 1: The Sixty Billion Double-Dollar Man

The legendary gunman, Vash the Stampede, roams the desert world with a $$60,000,000,000 reward on his head, although no one really knows what he looks like.

Episode 2: Truth of Mistake

Vash enters a town suffering due to the disappearing water. Vash also gets hired as a bodyguard by Cliff Cesar, for his guest, Maryanne. Cliff turns out to be the one hoarding the water, while Maryanne is revealed to be a Marshal.

Episode 3: Peace Maker

Vash looks for a master gunsmith, Frank Marlon. But intsead, he found Frank Marlon, the town drunk. When the bank robbers strike, Vash gets Frank Marlon back on track, saving the townspeople from a shootout with said robbers.

Episode 4: Love and Peace

Vash gets into a hostage situation where a man named "Grim Reaper" Bostock wants his daughter back. Vash, assisted by some renegade guys, saves the day, as per usual.

Episode 5: Hard Puncher

Vash is on the run from an entire town. They want Vash's bounty in order to repair its broken plant. A demented scientist of the 'Nebraska Family' has turned his son into a huge wrecking machine. Vash captures the scientist, who already had a reward on his head, and gives the money to the town, saving his own life in the process.

Episode 6: Lost July

Episode 6 starts out in July City (a carryover from ep 5) where Elizabeth, a plant technician with a vendetta against Vash, attempts to fix a damage power plant. Vash, immidietly in love with Elizabeth is a willing lackey for whatever her whim is. Using this to her advantage, she traps Vash in a plant at a critical explosion point. Miraculously, Vash averts the explosion, giving us a glimpse of his amazing powers.

Episode 7: B.D.N

Aboard a sandsteamer, Vash meets the stowaway kid, Kaite. But suddenly, the whole sandsteamer is under attack by the Bad Lad Gang and their flashy leader, Brilliant Dynamites Neon!

Episode 8: So, Between Wasteland and Sky

Vash takes on Brilliant Dynamites Neon. Meanwhile, Kaite is trying to stop the raging sandsteamer from destuction. Vash actually ends up failing, recieving a shot in the stomach in return for the sparing of his life.

Episode 9: Murder Machine

On a long bus trip, Vash, Meryl, and Milly meet the priest, the friendly Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Then the bus trip is interrupted by an attack of robots (it's not quite as ludicrous as it sounds). Vash and Wolfwood take out most of the robots, saving a little girl in the process.

Episode 10: Quick Draw

Vash and Nicholas enter a quick draw contest to help a poor kid and his mother. This marks a first bit of tension between the two.

Episode 11: Escape From Pain

Vash and company help 2 kids escape from a corrupt desert caravan.

Episode 12: Diablo

Trigun begins to take a decidedly darker turn as Legato Bluesummers and the first of the Gung-Ho-Guns, Monev the Gale, enter the story.

Episode 13: Vash the Stampede

Recap episode. Meryl types up her report to the insurance company and we learn a tad bit more about Vash.

Episode 14: Little Arcadia

Meryl and Milly get hired as bodyguards. The rest of the Nebraska family (from ep 5) appears. Family values abound in this one.

Episode 15: Demons Eye

The Legato and Gung-Ho Guns strike once more as death and blood increase. Vash faces the second Gung-Ho Gun, Dominique the Cyclops.

Episode 16: Fifth Moon

Vash leaves Meryl and Milly to find Legato. Instead, of fighting him, he fights the Gung-Ho Guns, E.G. Mine and Rai-Dei the Blade. What has happened to July City (namely, desintegration), will happen again.

Episode 17: Rem Saverem

Flashback to a little boy named Vash who lived on a spaceship with his brother knives, a small crew, twenty million people in suspended animation, and a kind woman named Rem Saverem. While this snippet hardly does justice to the episode, it would take a page to do so, it is indeed a tale of madness and murder that explains a great deal about Trigun.

Episode 18: Goodbye For Now

Two years have passed since the Fifth Moon Incident. Vash has changed his identity and is living more or less peacefully with a young girl named Lynna and her grandmother. Wolfwood tracks him down to deliver some disturbing news, and after dispatching a local gang, it's time for Vash to leave again.

Episode 19: Hang Fire

Meryl and Milly re-enter the story as the hijacked sand steamer they're on arrives in the town where Vash is visiting an old friend. Meanwhile, Gung-Ho-Guns number five, Leonof the Puppet Master, Focuses on a plan to eliminate Vash.

Episode 20: Flying Ship

Vash, in need of both a hardware upgrade and an outerwear upgrade, visits his former home, a flying relic of lost technology that shelters its inhabitants from the harsh world outside. The ship people treat Wolfwood with suspicion and hostility. Vash gets a brand new red suit as well as an upgraded machine gun in replace for his left arm hidden gun. But 2 unexpected visitors arrive.

Episode 21: Out of Time

The Gung-Ho Guns make a comeback as Grey the Ninelives and Hopperd the Gantlet strike. They combine their efforts to take out the ship's plant.

Episode 22: Alternative

The Gung-Ho Guns just keep coming. This time, a sandworm attack is sent by Zazie the Beast. As Zazie holds Vash at gunpoint, Wolfwood decides to step in, shooting Zazie in the head.

Episode 23: Paradise

Wolfwood needs to decide which way he should accept: Vash's ideal of Love and Peace or the way he was taught since he was a child. Meanwhile, Chapel the Evergreen and Caine the Longshot appear.

Episode 24: Sin

Vash goes off alone and faces Gung-Ho-Guns number 11, Midvalley the Hornfreak.

Episode 25: Live Through

Vash struggles from what was happened in the previous episode. Vash knows he has gone against Rem's wishes by actually killing Legato.

Episode 26 Under the Sky So Blue

Vash's final showdown with Knives. The past is revealed in flashbacks a-plenty, then they draw their guns...

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