Trigun Characters

Vash the Stampede- At first, Vash seems like a complete idiot, but you soon learn that it's all an act in order to hide his depression and sadness due to the fact he annihiliated about a hundred thousand people. In reality, Vash is incredibly intelligent, agile, and many other special abilities becuase, get ready for this, he's not human.
Nicholas D. Wolfwood- While he actually is a travelling priest, Wolfwood carries a giant cross that has many hidden weapons. The arms of the cross slid out to reveal a bunch of small hand guns. The leg of the cross turns into a machine gun, and the top piece shoots out large missiles. Probably my favorite character in the series.
Meryl Stryfe- Meryl is a Bernidelli insurance agent sent to keep Vash under 24-hour surveillance in order to lessen the damage he caused to towns he passed through. Throughout the series she develops a love interest in Vash.
Millie Thompson- Millie is also a Bernidelli insurance agent. She and her partner Meryl are sent by the agency to travel with Vash and report all the damage he causes. They find that the legendary outlaw is a lot different from what they expected and become good friends with him. Throughout the series she develops a love interest in Wolfwood.
Millions Knives- Evil twin brother of Vash, he decides it is his duty to wipe out all humanity, at the same time making his brothers life a living hell. He is assisted by Legato and the Gung Ho Guns
Legato Bluesummers- Legato is the diligent servant of Knives, Rightfully so since he was cloned with Knives' knowledge and Vash's arm. He is telepathic, incredibly strong, and creepy as hell. This guy is a total bad-ass and by far the coolest villan in an anime series.
Kuronekosama- Kuroneko, literally-'black cat' and sama, or 'lord' serves as the mascot for the series. He appears in every single episode but has no basis in the series, outside the fact that he pops up in the most unexpected places, often adding a little humor.
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