SomethingAwful - Hands down the best site on the internet. Incredibly funny commentary by the author, Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka and his assistants, rich and active forums (so many people use this site and the forums, the server crashes a couple times a day). At any given moment there are in excess of 500 people reading the site or browsing the forums. Truly an internet phenomenon, Rich keeps the site up through donations by his readers and trying to keep a job in the fast-sinking computer business.

The University of Florida - My university, the only one I want to go to. Go Gators!

The Onion - Hilarious newspaper/parody site. Done by University of Wisconsin students in a national-lampoons style manner, this is one of the best run sites on the internet. One of my favorites.

Anime News Network - Good site for news and reviews on anime and manga(japanese comic books).