Love Hina Episodes

Episode 1

The unlucky Keitaro is given a break when his grandmother asks him to be the manager of Hinata Inn. Keitaro accepts but little does he know that since he's last been there, the inn's become a girls' dormitory! None of the tenants are all too happy about a male living with them until they begin to believe that he's a student of Tokyo University.

Episode 2

Shinobu's parents are getting divorced and she doesn't seem to have many friends at school but Keitaro and the girls welcome her with open arms which leads her to decide to stay at the inn instead of living with either of her parents.

Episode 3

The master of the sword, Motoko, returns from a training retreat only to find that Keitaro has been named the manager of the inn. She's outraged and is completely against a male being the manger but becomes confused by weird feelings that consume her body.

Episode 4

The girls discover that Keitaro is not really a Tokyo University student and to make things worse, his studies don't seem to be going very well. Seeing this, Keitaro decides it's time to leave Hinata Inn.

Episode 5

It's time for the exams for Tokyo University, and unfortunately, both Keitaro and Naru fail. Disappointed, they go their own separate ways to take a break from Hinata Inn but inadvertantly meet eachother.

Episode 6

After finding out that both Keitaro and Naru are in Kyoto, the rest of the girls at Hinata Inn assume they're going to commit double suicide and go after them. Meanwhile, Keitaro and Naru help a girl named Mutusmi get back home which is located on the other end of Japan.

Episode 7

Keitaro scores two tickets to Neverland and plans on asking Naru to go with him for the grand opening. However, a new face appears and his name is Sakata Kentaro. He's richer, better looking, and smoother than Keitaro. He also has tickets to Neverland. Things don't look so hot for Keitaro.

Episode 8

During meditation, Motoko enters a dreamworld where everyone is living in an RPG. Keitaro is a knight on a quest to save Naru from the Dragon King and the silliness of it all turns off Motoko. But as she continues to meditate further, she finds a lesson in the dream.

Episode 9

A thief has stolen the rent money of Hinata Inn and everyone panics. That is everyone except Detective Kitsune and her sidekick Su. The cast begins to assemble the clues and attempt to solve the mystery of the missing rent money.

Episode 10

A mysterious woman appears in Hinata with her pet alligator. The duo are wreaking havoc all across town and Kentaro claims that it's actually a grown-up version of Su.

Episode 11

Naru becomes a celebrity all across Japan as an idol and this, of course, leads to Keitaro worrying about her studies. He begins to believe that Naru no longer cares about getting into Tokyo University and becomes incredibly depressed.

Episode 12

When Motoko runs out of clothes as they're all in the laundry, she is forced to wear a dress. Furthermore, her swordsmanship has been foiled by not only Tama-chan but also Keitaro. This leads her to doubt herself and things get worse when Mecha Tama-chan begins to create havoc.

Episode 13

After witnessing Keitaro almost kiss Naru, Shinobu wonders what a kiss is like. Supposedly, it tastes like a lemon and is as soft as a marshmallow and thus begins Shinobu's quest for her first kiss.

Episode 14

Hinata Inn is having a financial crisis and everyone must take up a part-time job. When Keitaro becomes an assistant for Naru's first love, Kitsune becomes incredibly worried and curious at the same time about what might happen when Naru discovers that Seta is back in town.

Episode 15

When Keitaro has to take care of Seta's adopted daughter, Sara, Naru of course finds out about Seta. Keitaro begins to give up his hope of Naru ever liking him and decides to help her be happy instead.

Episode 16

The tenants of Hinata Inn are working part-time at a beach tea house and decide to perform a play to increase revenue. Keitaro is still incredibly glum about the whole Seta and Naru situation and it's pretty understandable.

Episode 17

Naru becomes possessed by an evil spirit and Motoko is the only one who can destroy it. Unfortunately, she doesn't know the technique to kill the spirit without killing the body and it's quite a predicament.

Episode 18

Seta has to leave on an excavation trip and asks if Sara can stay with the girls at the inn. Sara doesn't take too kindly to this and decides to run away while causing as much trouble as she can to everybody else.

Episode 19

A man who happens to look exactly like Keitaro when he wears glasses appears and is later found out to be from Kaolla's home country. He is here to get married to Kaolla but she decides she isn't quite ready yet, but tradition says she must.

Episode 20

Keitaro discovers a doll that can move on its own. Everyone is amazed by it but Keitaro seems to be able to hear it talk also. He finds out from the doll that his great grandfather promised to fix its legs but never did and being the good guy he is, Keitaro decides to fulfill his ancestor's promise.. With the help of the girls, of course!

Episode 21

Naru and Keitaro decide to go out to celebrate the latest grades and while both are wondering whether it's a date or not, a mysterious little girl appears.

Episode 22

Mei is Naru's stepsister and hopes to take Naru back home. To accomplish this, she decides she has to hook Keitaro up with Mutsume and it is in this episode that Naru finds out something shocking.

Episode 23

Naru now wonders what she should do with her newfound knowledge and it seems like Keitaro is going to be returning home since his grandma has returned to reclaim the inn. To add more to the mess, it doesn't look like Keitaro's studies are going to be enough to help him into Tokyo University.

Episode 24

Everyone has to leave Love Hina for a day because the inn is going under renovations. It also becomes apparent that Keitaro won't be coming back to Hinata Inn and Naru has completely given up on Keitaro. Who will Keitaro decide to be his soulmate, Naru or Mutsumi? Ep 24 was originally the final episode of Love Hina until the creators realized they could make more money rolling out "Specials."

Christmas Special

It's said that when one confesses their love to someone on Christmas Eve, they will live happily forever. When Keitaro discovers that Naru is going to confess to him, he becomes incredibly excited. However, things begin to become clear that Naru wasn't going to confess to him at all but to someone else.

Episode 25

Out of nowhere, Motoko's sister appears and is ready to pass on her traditions. However, Motoko is still not quite as strong as her sister and when big sister finds out about this, she gives Motoko an ultimatum: Motoko must beat her sister or marry Keitaro. This was a decent episode, but all in all, Motoko specials suck.

Spring Special

It's been one year since Keitaro failed the Tokyo University exam and he's going to try once more. Unfortunately, it seems yet again he's done horrible. Realizing that he's probably never going to get into Tokyo University, he runs away to an island where he befriends a young girl when he tries to help fulfill her promise. Naru, of course, isn't going to stand by for this and chases after him as does everyone else prompting for wackiness and mayhem to to ensue.

More to come! As of late October, 2001 Love Hina manga (comic books) is still being published. It's been rumored that there are 3 more hour-long specials to come!

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