Love Hina Characters

Keitaro Urashima- Keitaro is the karinrin(manager) of the Hinata Inn. He made a promise to get into Tokyo University with a girl when he was 5 years old and has been trying to keep that promise. He feels he should fulfill his promise to the girl even though he can't even remember her name. When he becomes karinrin, he begins to fall in love with Narusegawa.
Naru Narusegawa- Naru is also trying to get into Tokyo University because of a promise similar to Keitaro's. She fell in love with Seta when she was young and was being tutored by him. Deep down she really loves Keitaro, even though all she gives him is pain.
Konno Mitsune "Kitsune"- Kitsune is a fun-loving girl who loves to drink. She also fell in love with Seta when she was being tutored along with Naru. She sometimes causes trouble just because she wants to have fun. She really wants Naru and Keitaro to be together and always tries to make that happen.
Motoko Aoyama- Motoko first meets Keitaro in episode 3. She objects to having him as the karinrin of their dormitory. She believes that men make women weak because of something that happened to her sister during her childhood (sister left home for a guy). Despite being strong and having good swordsmanship skill, she is scared of turtles.
Otohime Mutsumi- Otohime is like Keitaro because she has also tried to get into Tokyo University for 3 years. Unlike Keitaro, she is not dumb. She could easily pass but she always fainted before the test and was taken to the hospital or she forgot to write her name on the it. She helps provide some comic relief for the series because she is extremely clumsy. She is thought to be the girl of Keitaro's promises.
Kaolla Su- Kaolla is a junior high student along with Shinobu. She is extremely energetic and has a huge appetite. She is a mechanical genius. When there is a red moon, she may tramsform into her adult form because a part of her wants to become an adult while another part wants to remain as a child. She eventually returns to normal. Her personality and strange comments on almost everything provides humor to the series.
Maehara Shinobu- Shinbou is a sweet and innocent little girl who is very shy. She moved into the Hinatasou when her parents divorced in episode 2. She is a great cook and makes most of the meals. She is the only one of the girls who treats Keitaro with respect.
Seta Noriyasu- Seta is Naru and Kitsune's former tutor. He is also an archeologist who employed Keitaro for a short while. He is also an awful driver, usually ends up crashing his van, coming out with a bloody face.
Haruka Urashima- Haruka is Keitaro's aunt. She runs the small shop near the Hinatasou but she occasionally helps out with the cleaning. She usually has a cigarette in her mouth and is dressed like a cleaning lady. She prefers to be called Haruka-san and hits Keitaro everytime he calls her "Aunt Haruka" or "old woman".

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