Evangelion Episodes


The story opens with Katsuragi Misato taking Ikari Shinji to Tokyo-3, base of Project EVA on behalf of Ikari Gendo (Shinji's father) while the UN is attempting to neutralize an attacking Angel. The catch is Shinji did not know that his father had chosen him to become the pilot of Eva, the secret weapon against the Angels. After some drama, Shinji reluctantly accepts the mission to confront the attacking Angel. The Eva is launched on its first mission.

Episode 2: THE BEAST

Since this is Shinji's first time in an Eva, he wasn't able to control its actions. The Angel takes advantage of this and critically damages the Eva unit. Shinji wakes up in bed. The enemy had been defeated, but we don't know how until the in the second half of the episode. The Eva unit was somehow able to pilot itself after Shinji had lost consciousness. Mysteriouslly, the Eva proceeded to defeat the attacking Angel on it's own. However, the Angel self destructed, and nearly destroyed the Eva unit. Shinji moves in with Misato

Episode 3: A Transfer

Shinji undergoes virtual training for piloting the Eva. Shinji also begins school in his new neighborhood. Shinji also kicks angel ass.

Episode 4: Hedgehog's Dilemma

Shinji Runs away from Misato's apartment. Friends of Shinji go looking for him. Shinji decides to leave NERV. Shinji feels weak and useless, a long and drawn-out theme in the series. Finally he could not bear to leave, since he is a wimp.

Episode 5: Rei I

The 4th Angel was dissected and analyzed. An astonishing similarity with human DNA was discovered. The Angel's DNA was 99.89% like humans. Shinji comes in contact with Rei for the first time when he as to deliver a security card to her. The 5th Angel arrives shortly after a successful synchronization test with Eva-00 was conducted. Eva-01 was sent to intercept.

Episode 6: Rei II

After Shinji recovered from his injuries after being struck by a particle beam from the 5th Angel, both Shinji and Rei were despatched to defeat the Angel by using a proto type positron rifle. Apparently this Angel strikes down any moving body in a definite distance around it and the only way to defeat it was to use a positron rifle with Rei and her Eva-00 protecting Shinji as his Eva-01 fired at the target. The first shoot missed but the second shot destroyed the angel just the moment the Angel's drill penetrated Geofront.

Episode 7: A HUMAN WORK

Ritsuko explains the real reason behind the second impact. The UN claimed that a meteorite destroyed all of Antarctica and melted all the ice. But the real reason is that an Angel was discovered in that area and a mysterious event caused an explosion. Ritsuko and Misato attended an experiment developed by a Nippon Heavy Industry Association. The product is a giant JA unit powered by a nuclear reactor. During the experiment, the reactor went out of control, facing a meltdown. Misato suggested that she enter the unit and erase the internal computer system, thus resetting everything. Shinji arrived to assist. She manages to stop the reactor at the last minute, despite that the system privileges had been changed. Everyone thought it was a miracle. Misato somehow believed that this miracle was pre-arranged.


We meet Asuka Langley Souryu, pilot of the Eva-02 unit for the first time in this episode when Misato and Shinji rendesvous with her on a fleet of battleships. She turns out to be a cheerful and lighthearted character. Yet her pride is equally outstanding. Misato also reunites with an old flame, Ryouji Kaji, who is responsible for delivering the Eva unit. Coincidentally, a sea-based Angel attacks the fleet. Misato believed that the Angel was probably interested in the Eva unit. However, we discover at the end what Kaji was really delivering was an embryo called "ADAM" for Gendo, and that is what the Angel was actually after.

Episode 9: Both of You, Dance Like You Want To Win!

NERV is confronted with an Angel that has a double core. Destroying it requires a simultaneous attack on both cores. Misato recommended that Shinji and Asuka live and train together with music to coordinate the attack. Even though both of them may deny it, Shinji and Asuka became a lot closer as a result.

Episode 10: MAGMADIVER

An Angel at the embryo state was discovered deep inside a volcano. Asuka is assigned with the task of retrieving the specimen. With a special magma diving suit, she submerge into the magma with her Eva unit. However, the embryo matured before she was able to resurface with it.

Episode 11: The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still

When the 9th angel attacked, all of Geofront and Tokyo-3 was without power, but despite this fallback, Rei, Asuka and Shinji was able to enter Nerv and proceed to the hangar of the Eva robots, where they were met by Gendou, Dr Akagi and company who were preparing the launch with manual procedures. With less then 5 minutes of internal power, the 3 decided to work out the plan of Asuka and defeated the angel who was trying to penetrate Geofront by spilling some acidic liquid inside. It was the first time the 3 worked as a team.

Episode 12: She said, "Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred."

Misato was promoted to 3rd Class Colonel and 3rd in command of Nerv. It was this time the 10th angel attacked coming down from orbit. In this episode we discovered that the main reason that Misato joined Nerv was to revenge the death of his father who was killed in the Katsuragi Expedition back during Sept 13, 2000 when the 2nd impact occured. The 10th Angel was on a direct course toward Tokyo-3 , and with Gendou and Fuyutsuki (2nd in command) absent, she risked a plan and ordered the 3 Evas to intercept it just before touchdown which they did despite amazing odds and with the effort of Shinji, defeated the Angel.


The 11th angel attacked Nerv by hacking and cracking the Magi system. These angels are colonies of microscopic entities that can penetrate a computer. The Nerv's super computer is known as Magi which is divided into three parts: Melchor-1, Balthasar-2 and Casper-3, and it is set to self destruct the moment all three was completely compromised and with out the Eva robots, Dr Akagi , was racing with time to retrograde the angels who was cracking out the computer like a virus and with less than a second to spare, the treat was halted.


The board of the Human Complementation Project reviews all the Angel attacks and was not completely satisfied with NERV's performance. Gendo denied that an Angel penetrated into the NERV facility. The board was not convinced with his story. Nonetheless Gendo felt confident that he has the upper hand.

Episode 15: Those women longed for the touch of other's lips, and thus invited their kisses

Shinji felt extremely anxious about meeting his father to visit his mother's grave. He never knew his father, so he asked Rei about him. The next day Misato confronted Kaji about his role as a special agent for the Japanese government. Kaji shows her ADAM, the experiment which has been kept hidden from her.

Episode 16: Splitting of the Breast

Shinji topped the synchronization test (basicly how well you mesh with and control the eva) among his comrades, gaving Shinji a boast in his confidence. It was this feeling of over confidence that got him to be careless when the 12th angel attacked. He was sucked in along with his Eva-01 to another dimension inside the angel and it was here that we saw the spirit that resides inside Eva-01: Shinji's mother. After over 12 hrs inside and just before Shinji's death due to lack of energy to power the life support system. The Eva-01 unexpectedly revived and forced itself outside, killing the angel in the process and revealing that Eva-01 is different from the other Eva robots, that even without power, it can move in drastic times. It was because of this that Shinji's life was saved.


An explosion occurred in Nevada and destroyed everything nearby except for the Eva-04 unit. The US gave Eva-03 to Japan.


Eva-03 arrived in Japan and the synchro test for the fourth pilot was immediately conducted. The 13th Angel was subsequently found to have overtaken the unit during the synchro test. The other three units were sent to intercept Eva-03. After both Eva-00 and Eva-02 have been immobilized, Shinji could not attack the Angel since he did not want to injure the pilot. Gendo ordered the dummy plug to take over the control of Eva-01. Eva-003 was completely destroyed. Shinji later discovered that the fourth pilot was his friend from school, Touji. Fortunatly, Touji survived.


Shinji is extremely angry with his father for letting the dummy plug take over, nearly killing Touji. Once again, he resigns as pilot of Eva-01. At the same time, a powerful Angel penetrated NERV's underground base. Gendo wanted Rei to pilot Eva-01, but the unit refused to synch with her. Eva-01 rejected the dummy plug as well. Left with little options, both Eva-02 and Eva-00 were launched against the attacking Angel. Both units were severely damaged and immobilized. Shinji could not watch the destruction as a bystander only and decided to pilot EVA-01 again. Shinji intercepted the Angel just in time, but unfortunately, he ran out of power before the battle was over. At the most critical moment, EVA-01 "awakens" and quickly defeated the Angel. Ritsuko explained that EVA is capable of controlling itself, but restrainers (what appeared to be the armor of EVA) were implemented in order to exercise control over the unit. EVA finally broke free of the restraint. It was also able established to synchronize with Shinji at 400%.

Episode 20: WEAVING A STORY 2: oral stage

At 400% synchro, Shinji's material body have disappeared and his soul has become part of EVA-01. Everything that is part of his material body is still inside the plug. Once his pysche is stabilized, his body can be reconstructed. The team outside can only do so much to help him. Ultimately, he must want to come back. He had always wanted to escape from the cruel reality. He finally overcame his conflict and re-materialized.

Episode 21: He was aware that he was still a child

Probably one of the most revealing episodes after leaving behind so many mysteries from the previous episodes as we travel back to 1999. Fuyutsuki Kouzou was a professor at the time. A colleague introduced him to Ikari Yui because of her research project on life science. At the same time he also met who was Gendo and also found out that he is dating Ikari Yui. It was believed that Gendo was interested in the organization that Ikari Yui belonged to called SEELE. The two of them got married and had a child called Shinji. After the Second Impact, the UN simply covered up the incident as a meteorite impact with no mention of SEELE or Gendo. Fuyutsuki believed that SEELE had tremendous influence on the media. When he confronted Gendo about this, Gendo revealed the existence of GEHIRUN (which later evolved into NERV), an organization behind the Human Complementation Project. Gendo also invited Fuyutsuki to join the team. Project EVA was also revealed. EVA was a human replication of ADAM, the giant creature behind the Second Impact. Later, we also find out that Ikari Yui dies of an accident during an experiment. What the experiment was is not revealed. Subsequently Rei appeared. She has tremendous resemblance to Ikari Yui. We still do not know where and how she came about.

Episode 22: Don't be

We find out that Asuka's mother broke down emotionally and committed suicide. From then, Asuka immersed herself in her own pride in order to forget the past. The past is coming back to her and her synchronization ratio is falling. The 15th Angel appeared, and Asuka volunteered herself to attack. However, this Angel is capable of delivering an emotional attack from orbit, staying out of range of most weapons. Asuka came to the verge of an emotional break down when the Angel tried to reach inside her emotions, something that Asuka was desperately trying to hide and protect. Gendo then decided that the only way to destroy the target is by using the Lance of Longinus, embedded in ADAM. Rei proceeded with the plan and succeeded.

Episode 23: Rei III

The 16th Angel appeared in the form of light. Eva-00 was sent to intercept it while Eva-02 stands by. Eva-01 remained in hibernation. The Angel attacks Eva-00 by piercing its armor and trying to take control of it and its pilot. Eva-02 was immediately launched to assist, but due to her recent emotional breakdown, Asuka's synchronization was below 10% and therefore unable to control Eva. She had given up everything she was once proud of. Eva-01 had to be released instead. Just before the Angel was able to successfully attack Shinji, Rei reversed her AT Field to hold the Angel at bay which subsequently lead to the destruction of both the Angel and Eva-01. For a moment, she realized that she did that because she cared about Shinji. Later Shinji asked her about it, but she did not remember. "Perhaps that was another part of me" she says. This episode concludes with revealing one of the biggest mysteries about Rei. She is actually a product of genetic research. Ritsuko revealed the laboratory that created her. It was also the same laboratory where the Eva prototypes were built. Man had wanted to re-create God through technology and came up with ADAM. Based on ADAM, God-like entities were created (Eva). Eva is just a shell which requires a soul. There are many clones of Rei, but the real Rei is the Rei with a soul.

Episode 24: The Beginning and the End, or "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

SEELE sends over the 5th pilot, Kaworu Nagisa. His origin is similar to Rei. He quickly befriends Shinji. He even felt attracted to Shinji because of Shinji's weakness. Shinji had always shied away from what may potentially injure his emotional self. As it turns out, he is the 17th Angel, capable of controlling Eva at will. He took Eva-02 and headed for ADAM. Shinji was sent to stop him. Absolute Terror Field is a scared area where nothing can harm you. It is energy created from the heart and soul. Everyone has his or her AT Field. Kaworu finally reached ADAM. At the last minute, he realized that maybe it is wrong to return to the originator and destroy mankind. He realized that even though his life was bound by destiny to end, he had the freedom to choose how he wants to end it. End it by taking all man, or just himself. He chose the latter.

Episode 25: Do you love me?

Shinji became extremely confused after the last Angel was destroyed. Misato and Asuka voiced out their inner feelings. They both accepted that the fate of the world lies in Shinji's mind.

Episode 26: Take care of yourself

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Thank Christ the movies tied everything up.

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