Evangelion Characters

Asuka Langley Soryu - An emotionally overcharged powerhouse, Asuka never learned to channel her energies properly. This was brought on by her abandoning by her father and the suicide of her mother early on in her life. While the same things happened to Shinji (lost mother and a run-away father), Asuka chose a far different way of coping - namely by being a total hardass. By far, my favorite character in Evangelion.
Shinji Ikari- Shinji is a child who fears to cared for or be cared by anyone. He is afraid to live but even more afraid to die as he couldn't even take his own life. He used to run away from any and all problems that came his way until he was forced to pilot the Evangelion-01 by his father, Gendo. With the help of Misato, he had learned to open himself up.
Rei Ayanami- Rei is the result of an experiment that combined Angel DNA with that of Shinji's mother, Yui Ikari. Rei was the guinea pig in most of NERV's experiments.
Gendo Ikari- A complex man. He loved his wife, neglected his son, loved Rei like his wife, hated his lovers (Ritsuko Akagi and her mother), and loved/hated his job. He used people throughout his life to get what he wanted and never thought twice about it. His only care was to stop the Angels.
Misato Katsuragi- Misato refuses to let others into her life while relying heavily on drinking and her revenge on the Angels to get her though life. Although she was a very able officer when she had to be, she prefered to live in dissorder and dirt.
Ritsuko Akagi- Almost as distant and unfeeling as Rei, Ritsuko based her life on logic and not emotions. Like all characters in Evangelion, she did not love her parents, reflecting that in most of her major decisions.
Ryoji Kaji- This laid-back, cool guy was a double agent who pulled too many strings to get where he eventually got - killed. He was Misato's lover in college and again when he was transfered to NERV's main branch in Tokyo-3.
Pen-Pen- Much like Kuronekosama in Trigun, Pen-Pen serves as a mascot-style character in Evangelion. A new breed of penguin, warm-water to be exact, he lived with Misato, often drinking beer with her. It's hard not to love this little guy.
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