All About Me
Told through pictures

I'll give you three guesses who I am. No, not the asian girl who somehow snuck into this picture. No, not the guy giving what looks like a 'westside' or possibly 'word to your mother' sign. Yes! the whitey sporting a golf tan and wearing a Gundam Wing t-shirt. This was taken at Anime Festival Orlando a few months ago. The ratio of white people to asians (the creator of 100% of the anime I watch) is staggering at events like these (3-1 in this case, the cameraman was white too). I don't know whether to feel informed, privileged, or duped.

My side of the room, I'm pretty proud of it. A couple Tarantino movie posters compliment an assload of Trigun wallscrolls and Love Hina posters. I'm particularly proud of not only the Vash and Wolfwood action figures, but the fallen movie poster (John Carpenters Vampires is there to keep out sunlight, how ironic.), the DDR step chart, and the chair I assembled myself.

Okay, more of my stuff on my roomates side (the big wallscrolls above me), it's good for him we like the same things. Anyways, I like the atomic bomb poster he's got that compliments the Asuka Eva and Vash action figure. The Love Hina calendar was a nice touch, I've got the same one hanging in my room at home. And that's me, pointing to apparently the only white space in the room not bedecked with anime.

The interaction/living/cooking/ddr room (I live in Beaty Towers, so i have 'ample' space). Dirty dishes, full trashcans, DDR pads, George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducin' Grilling Machines, a PlayStation, a DreamCast, a couch that smells like nicotine, a fridge stocked with about a hundred cans of Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke, and a University of Florida football game(vs. Kentucky, I think the score's about 50-24 or so) fill this room out nicely.