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Birthplace and Family

I was born in Perry, Florida, which is about 45 minutes Southeast of that Tallahassee school and 2 hours Northwest of Gainesville. DOB: February 1, 1982 to Don Yarbrough and Dr. Martha Haynes. I have one brother still in high school, Nicholas, whos birth I stopped resenting only a few years ago. I really have a lot of respect for my parents not only becuase they've simply put up with me, but also they're probably the only people I know who's taken their kids to three rolling stones concerts, several foreign countries and just in general actually caring about us.

High School

Graduated from Taylor County High School with a class of about 110 people, Participated in several activities including key club, National Honors Society, the golf team, and academic competitions. My biggest high school achievement was winning the State Championship in academic competition my senior year and later being selected to Florida's AllStar team, where we were national semi-finalists.


I came to the University of Florida for several reasons - strong family tradition, friends, love of Gainesville, but mostly Florida Football and cheap student tickets. I'm currently majoring in Journalism:reporting. I honestly hope to stick with this major as it's my third (they do tend to be a charm). I originally declared Economics (turns out I can't do math) and later History (turns out I'd have to teach.)


When I'm actively not trying to sleep through my classes I enjoy playing golf, watching Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, and Monty Python movies, arguing with my good friend Doug about every college and pro football game ever played, reading newspapers (every one I can get my hands on), downloading illegal mp3's, going to the movies with friends (I think I've seen about every major release over the past two years), making sarcastic comments to friends and family, relentlessly playing Rogue Spear and Counterstrike, and not doing laundry or cooking my own meals (I guess not much has changed since high school). However, I've picked up a few new interests since I've come to college, namely Anime (I can't read or speak any Japanese), 'Geek Conventions' (as I call 'em), and Dance Dance Revolution or DDR. You might not know what DDR is, but if you went into the Reitz Union you'd probably recognize it instantly. Yes, it is the very large arcade machine blaring that awful Japanese and Korean pop music.
I don't tend to chat too often, but I can be contacted over AOL Instant Messanger (screen name: ChrizTheStampede), ICQ (UIN: 953921), or simply via e-mail


I consider this category as something that is just too big and too embarassing to fit into the Interests category. I'm almost hopelessly addicted to computer gaming.
Rogue Spear: This is probably the game that comes closest to simulating tactical combat. You are part of special op team that rescues hostages and defuses bombs, but that's in single player, online play is the major draw. I play in one major online league, where I compete with players from all over the world, but mostly USA, Canada, and Sweden (I have no idea why). I have played on several rank 1 teams (currently ranked 3), and while I may consider this a fairly big deal, friends and family have a rather different opinion on the matter, namely I'm wasting my time.
Counterstrike and Day of Defeat: These games are probably more fun to play than Rogue Spear simply becuase they're faster paced and you can jump. Counterstrike is a user-made modification of the insanely popular Half-Life. Day of Defeat is a modification of Counterstrike that simulates World War 2 Combat. Much like Rogue Spear, the Online play is the biggest reason to play these games.


I tried my hardest to keep the pictures as far down as possible, but...Here ya go