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Famille Amies Amour Chien
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Here is a photo of my family at Thanksgiving. Pictured are: my Aunt Carolyn, my Mom, my Dad, my Uncle Ferdy, my Oma and my Aunt Orian.

Not pictured, is my sister, Vanessa. She's an honest-to-God rocket scientist, and she lives in Boston with her husband Marty. Vanessa and my parents are very special to me because they have always given me tons of love and support.

These are my six bestest friends: Amanda, Allison, Teri Beth, Diana, Kate & Becca. We have all know each other since high school (some before then!), and they will all be my bridesmaids someday.

Some of us live out of state, while others are still close by. We stay in touch very well, however, by phone, email, visits and our annual Yo Girl family vacations and Christmas parties.

My boyfriend, Sean, is the most amazing person. We have been dating for over a year now, and he continues to impress me everyday. He is very sweet and funny, and he enjoys spinning records and playing tennis. He is also a great cook.

Sean is going to medical school next fall, and I know he will make a great doctor someday. He's the most thoughtful person and my best friend.

My dog, Sydney, is the sweetest puppy ever! She's a mix and will be two on April 1. She's an Aries and blonde, like me, but I'm not sure if we look alike (even though I strongly believe in that phenomenon!).

Sydney loves to cuddle and give kisses. She's very fast and always outruns the other dogs at the park. If they had it, I would take her to amateur night at the racetrack.

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