Brielle the swimmer
Bianca the filmmaker
Jim Ellis has coached competitive swimming in the city of Philadelphia for over forty years. He works as a math teacher for the school district of Philadelphia, but his true passion is swimming. Jim is considered by many to be one of the best coaches in the country. However, he and Brielle often clash when it comes to what he asks of her.

"Brielle would be the best if she would do what we ask of her.
She has a gift, but she doesn't want to train up to her potential."


In 2000, The Philadelphia Department of Recreation (PDR) swim team sent five swimmers, including Brielle, to the U.S. Olympic team trials.


"I'm in it, 'till I win it. Brielle did well at Trials
last year, but if she gets her mind right she'll own a world record in 2004."
-Jim Ellis

the swimmer
the Eldest
the filmmaker