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Summer 2000

Summer 2001

One of my favorite activities is being an active member of my sorority Tridelta. This past year I have served as Fundraising officer for my chapter. Each spring we hold a silent auction during Mother/Daughter Weekend and it is my responsibility to run the auction.

Derby DaysAs a chapter we have themed socials with fraternities, date functions, sisterhood activities and we participate in various philanthropies. Our chapter's philanthropy "Dolphin Daze" which is a two-part event including a dessert night and a 5K run that raised almost $6,000 for the American Red Cross this year. This year we held "Dolphin Daze" during our family weekend so our parents could see some of the things we do to help the community throughout the year.

bunniesOne of my favorite themed socials we have had was "Predators and Prey". My friends and I decided to dress up as bunnies for the social complete with ears and tails. Other social themes we have had are Day Glow, 80s, Dukes of Hazard,60s and the Roaring 20s.