A great photo of those New World Aura guys,taken days after the founding of NWA
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Chris "Rush" Cohenn*
Chris or Rush as he now calls himself is originally from somewhere in the NE. He moved to Florida when he was just a youngin'. He is currently studying Geography at Texas A&M University. Geography is far from promoting, but Chris was actually the only one of us three to really go on in the business. He promoted and booked dj's for the Louvre in Tallahassee while going to FSU. Shortly after going to college he changed his name to Rush. I guess there's just too many Chris's out there.

Tom Trippp*
Tom is originally from Long Island, NY and moved to Florida at the age of 10. He's currently working on his graduate thesis at the University of Florida's Documentary Institute. Soon enough he'll be rocking the establishment with cutting edge documentaries. Look for his upcoming release "No Room to Move" about the plight of Florida's animals in the face of urban sprawl.

Rick D'Andreaa*
Rick aka Ricky Dee, is a graphic designer in Baltimore, MD. He's had enough of Florida for now. He's a graduate of Flagler College in St. Augustine, where Tom's sister goes to school. After NWA Rick quickly focused in on his skills in design as well as becoming a Lighting Controller at a local St. Augustine club.

*Incorrect spelling to thwart search engines. Just subtract that last letter and there you have it.

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