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Welcome to New World Aura Online!

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New World Aura was founded in the summer of 1997, by three guys with too much money and a dream. That dream was to become successful while at the same time spreading good vibes and ideas to the world. Ok there really wasn't much of a dream, they really just wanted to throw a big party. The story begins with our three heroes Rick D'andreaa*,Chris "Rush" Cohenn*, and Tom Trippp* returning to their home town, Port St. Lucie, FL after their first year of college.

when these three put their heads together, they decided to rent out the local civic center, over 25,000 square feet. But the challenge was filling it. St. Lucie County isn't exactly South Florida in terms of the party scene, but these three would try to bring the party home. The party would come to be called "Rejoice."

They worked hard, promoting, distributing fliers, booking djs and setting up the event. But it wasn't so simple. Our heroes were about to discover that not everyone involved in the "party" scene could be trusted. They allowed into their midst a most unsavory character who at first seemed friendly and helpful. He set up our heroes with a lighting designer to handle the lights and sound. That's where his helpfulness ended. While our heroes were working hard each and every day, putting up their life savings, this character was buying him new turntables and talking trash. Finally enough was enough and our three heroes had to kick his punk ass to the curb. But he wouldn't go quietly. He had his mommy and daddy make threats to scare our heroes, he canceled the info line, he told people the party was canceled.

Our heroes were dismayed, but would never give up. They continued on! The night of the event, every one was nervous, hoping it would go well. The dj's started to arrive, Willie Mix, Any Hughes, Huda Hudia, John Kelley, Dread and Vicious Vic. People started to arrive, but so did the cops. Approximately 40 Sheriff's were assigned to the building that night out of fear there was going to be a "rave," the most evil of events. But that didn't stop our heroes and while they scared some people away, over 1,000 came anyway.

While it wasn't much of a financial success, our heroes had accomplished what they set out to do despite unsavory types and the police (aren't those usually synonyms?). The lessons of the story are many, but one stands out above all. Making money is hard to do while having a good time. That doesn't mean our heroes will give up however.

Today our heroes have split up geographically, but the spirit of New World Aura lives on, plus we still have a registered corporation. Our heroes are currently pursuing separate goals but the time will come when they again bring their talents together and something big will happen...

*Incorrect spelling to thwart search engines. Just subtract the last letter, duh!

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