Delta Gamma

Andraea, Lisa, me, Kristin and Ivy

I pledged Delta Gamma Sorority in Summer of 1999. It was the best decision I have made in my life. I have made more lifelong friends and memories than I can count on two hands. Many people do not realize the great things about Greek Life. It offers a person so many opportunities, especially at such a large university like Florida.

Me, Dayna and Andraea

My good friend Dayna Gaff (who is also taking MMC 3260) and I have become very active in the campus community. I believe we would not be as involved if we had not joined Delta Gamma. Joining a sorority makes your world ten times smaller at a large university. If I had gone to a small, private college, I might not have had to worry about being active on campus, but at UF it is really hard to get your foot in the door without knowing people. This plays a big part later in life when you are looking for a job. People say it is not about who you know, but to an extent, it is. Knowing the right people and having the expertise in the area you want a job in is key.

Kelsy, Me, Ivy and Dayna

DG also does a lot of service to the blind. Every year we have Anchor Splash, our national philanthropy. Each year we raise thousands of dollars for Service For Sight, the Lion's Club and other organizations dedicated to the blind. I volunteer at an Alzheimer's Day Care Center, so helping others is something I've been dedicated to for years. Having a sorority dedicated to service, reassures my faith that I have joined the right sorority.

my little sis Andraea and me

Joining a sorority is not just about getting active on campus, it is about fostering lifelong friendships. If it was not for DG, I would not have met my best friend Andraea. Andraea pledged in 2000 and became my little sister. We hit it off as friends instantaneously. This year, we live together in a tiny room in the sorority house. At times, it can get a bit crowded and nutty, but we have handled the living situation quite nicely. Actually, despite the closet-sized room, living in DG is very convenient. I am 10 minutes from classes and have my meals made for me. What more could I ask for?

As you can see, DG is not just about parties and socials, it is about friendships, community work and a strong appreciation for others. I am glad that I joined Delta Gamma. It has given me so much!