Regan's Radical Rhymes

I write poetry in my spare time. I write as my way of venting frustration or putting my feelings into perspective. It is a great form of therapy.

Love Tears Pain Dreams Angel


Holding you in my arms
Looking into your eyes
Feeling my heart take a breath
I know
I know this is love


The tears fall gently down my cheek
I just lay here this evening and let them fall
One by one, they creep down my chin and slowly fall upon my pillow
The tears are not of sorrow, but of fear
Fear that I won't find happiness in my life
Then I think of you
Your voice reaches deep within me
The words you had said tonight
Somehow I knew they had been meant for me
I brushed the tears aside and glanced in the mirror
And what did I see?
A lost little girl staring back at me?
No, the eyes staring back were STRONG, WISE, BEAUTIFUL
The eyes belonged to the woman staring back at me
That woman was me


Why do we say such things to one another?
Those words that cut deep within
And inflict so much pain?
Why if we love someone so much
We can hurt that person the most?
I would give anything to stop this angst
Lick these wounds of hurt
And move on together
Where would we go from there?


At night, I dream of you
Of us
Our bodies touching for the first time
Sparks igniting as our fingertips prick one another
Our eyes locking into each other - gazing into our dreams
You and I under the heather
Reaching for the stars out of reach
Nothing is too far for you and I
We can accomplish anything
Some day we will meet, and our dreams will become REALITY
I can only pray wishes do come true
and one day I will be with you
So, continue dreams, continue fantasies
For life without them would bring only misery


I have been searching for him,reaching for something so tangible,yet so perfect, I was afraid that once I found him, he might crumble or fade and all my dreams would be forgotten.

But unbeknownst to me, this perfection was right under my heart. Somewhere between brokeness and loneliness he stood, holding a suitcase in one hand and the key to my heart in the other.

My heart flickered like a flame beating off a small breeze, and I felt the world slowly, slowly stop.

He walked toward me and put his suitcase down. He looked intensely in my eyes. They were an earthy blue - his eyes - with a spirit in them I had never seen before.

Before I knew what was happening, he took that key and unlocked my heart, my soul, my mind. But, I was not afraid. In fact, I felt at ease with him; this perfection in my eyes.

He held me then and filled me with his love, compassion and honesty - something I never had until now.

A tear slipped upon my cheek and then another. The tears just came, but never did he stop them. He just held; he held me until he too was crying.

This man is my image of true perfection. Never has anyone touched me so profoundly as he has. I love him not only for who he is, but for what he has made me feel while I have been with him. Thank you. Thank you. You are truly my angel.