My First Love?

dave lookin hot!

Dave Matthews rocks my world. I first began listening to him when I was in sixth grade. Brent, my older brother, had the cd, but I think I listened to it more than he did. My best friend Claire and I would listen to DMB's "Satellite" for hours. Since sixth grade, I have seen Dave almost 10 times. My parents think I am crazy to waste my precious (and I mean, precious)money on some "pot-smokin' hillbilly," as my mother always says. She just does not understand the magnitude of my love. Sometimes I even slip a Dave Matthews cd in her car when she goes somewhere, but she always gets upset. One time, she was on a road trip with me somewhere, and I only played Dave. One day she will break. I am determined she will see the light. Call my love obessive or psychotic - whatever. I am in love with Dave Matthews always and forever.

dave playing his colored guitar

Look, he's singing a song to me! Well, it looks like he is. Okay, so maybe he isn't, but it looks cool, right? I think I have taken it too far. I'll stop now.

Caroline and Me at a DMB concert

Dave has millions of fans, but the best site to get the most up-to-date and accurate information is the band's personal Web site. It has everthing from Dave's life history to DMB concert updates. You can even join the fan club for a small fee. You should know I have already done that.