The Adventures of Philip Chairsitter
--Philip's Big Stink--

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One morning, Philip woke up to the most annoying smell! At first, he thought it was grits and sausage. Mom always liked to make grits and sausage because she knew it was Philip's favorite. But alas, this scent was NOTHING like grits and sausage!

He walked around the house with his nose up in the air, sniffing like a bloodhound. He called out for his mother, but there was no reply.


"What was that?" Philip wondered. It sounded like it was coming from his mother's bedroom. He slowly walked into her room and saw...

Two monkeys jumping up and down on the floor, picking fleas off of each other! When Philip looked closer, one of the monkeys looked up and said "Eat your vegetables!"

Philips was sure that the weirdest had happened-- his parents had turned into monkeys! Did that mean he would soon be a monkey too? Or perhaps he already was one! He decided that he had better learn to live with it, and started to help one of the monkeys into his mother's favorite dress.

At that moment, his mom ran out of her bathroom door, yelling "What is the matter out here! Get that crazy monkey out of my dress! Now!" Philip looked at his mother with a sigh of relief. She wasn't a monkey after all! This was just a regular monkey who was concerned about the nutritional value of vegetables! WHEW!

"At least I know what smells," Philip said, while looking at his mother disapprovingly. "And where's my grits and sausage?!"

This story was created by Dave Striepe