The Adventures of Philip Chairsitter
--Philip's Big Shoe--

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Philip's Big Stink!
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Philip was grumpy. He had had a terrible morning. There were no grits and sausage for him, since his mom was cleaning up the mess a monkey left the other day. He walked around the house with a sour look on his face until his father told him he HAD to start getting ready for school.

SCHOOL?! Who wants to go to school?

Philip dragged his feet into his room, and opened his closet. He pulled out a shirt, some shorts, and some shoes. Hmmmm. Something wasn't quite right. He looked down at his shoes and noticed that they were enormous!

Philip was baffled. Was this some sort of dark magic, at work in his very own bedroom? Was a wizard hiding in the closet? Philip didn't know, but he wasn't going to allow it!

Philip picked up the shoes, ran toward the window, and wound up to throw the shoes, yelling "BEGONE, VILE BLACK MAGIC!" when his father came bursting into the room.

Hmmmm. Something wasn't quite right about his dad. When Philip looked closer, he noticed that his dad was wearing only a shirt, tie, suspenders, underwear, and black socks.

"Philip? Have you seen my shoes?" His dad asked.

Philip looked down and, indeed, he was holding his father's shoes. That's why they were so big! He gave them back to his father, who took them and put them on.

Philip said, "Dad? Your pants...."

Philip's father looked down, and his face turned red with embarassment. "Oh no!" He said as he ran out of the room. He stopped at the door, sniffed his nose in the air, turned to Philip and said "What smells?"

Philip burst out laughing. His dad had made his day.

This story was created by Dave Striepe