The Adventures of Philip Chairsitter
--Philip's Big Party--

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Philip's Big Stink!
Philip's Big Shoe!

Finally, the big day had come! Philip's birthday party! He had been planning this for weeks and weeks, and had even gotten up the guts to invite Becky Boolittle, the cute girl down the street. He really hoped she would come! He even went to the store the day before and bought a brand new empty bottle with his allowance, hoping he would get a chance to spin it and maybe win a kiss from Miss Boolittle herself!

Philip dressed up in his nicest clothes and went to help his mom with the decorations. The party was at noon, meaning they had an hour to make the house perfect!

Philip walked around the house. "Mom? Dad?" But nobody was home. There were no decorations. The house was a mess and it STILL smelled like monkeys! What was the deal? Philip decided to start setting up for the party. Mom would be home soon to help him.

Philip worked very hard getting everything just perfect for the party. He even placed the bottle on the table, so he could refer to it quickly. Becky Boolittle's not getting away very easily!

Noon came and went. No people. No parents. Philip's greatest fear had come true-- he had thrown a party and nobody came. He went in his room to cry.

At 12:30, he heard the door open. His mom called his name, but he was too upset to answer. She came in the room and saw him crying on the bed. "What's wrong, hon?"

"Nobody came to my party! Not even you!"

"Philip!" His mother said. "Everyone came to your party! I came home to get you, because you didn't show up! You were having your birthday at the Chuck E Cheese, remember! Everyone's waiting for you!"

Philip's frown turned into the biggest smile in town! Of course! He jumped up and went with his mom (remembering to take his Becky Boolittle Bottle with him) and had the time of his life.

And did he get a kiss from Becky? You bet he did!

This story was created by Dave Striepe

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