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San Francisco
I went to San Francisco on the way to Gainesville last summer. The first impressions of San Francisco are chilly weather and hilly streets.
Even though I wore long sleeve shirts, I got a cold.
San Francisco's hilly streets provide some gorgeous glimpses of San Francisco Bay and its famous bridges.
This is a mosaic of a city, a big picture made from the colorful tiles of Chinatown, exotic houses, beautiful beaches, and modern buildings.
New York
I have been to New York twice. In this city there are so many places that attract me. It's pretty hard to introuduce a few of the attractions.
New York city is filled with various people and interesting places… The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, The Museum of Modern Art and Times Square.
It doesn't really matter what you do or where you go in New York because New York City itself is a big attraction.
I heard there are two things we cannot see in Florida - Mountaina and Snow. Unlike Florida, Korea has a lot of high mountains and snow in winter.
I like to climb the mountains. Climbing mountains covered with snow is too fantastic to express.

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