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I grew up in a small and quite town in Korea until the age of 12. It was a great place to grow up with beautiful nature. I moved to Seoul, the biggest city in Korea, to attend Hanyang University in 1991. I got a BA degree in mass communication in 1998. It took seven years to get a BA degree because I served as a mandatory soldier for about three years.

Right now, I am a graduate student majoring in telecommunications at the University of Florida. I am interested in the entertainment industry, especially, the video game industry which is growing fast. I will graduate in May 2002. I am having a tough time deciding what I will do after graduation. I want to work in the entertainment industry. Ultimately, I want to run my own consulting and investment firm.

The only plan which I have decided is to travel to Europe next summer. I love to take a trip. I want to travel to as many countries as possible. Trips always make me feel happy and make me recognize that world is full of fantastic things.


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