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The video game industry is the fastest-growing facet of the entertainment industry. Games are a serious business that is estimated to be worth $ 20-billion worldwide and $8.4billion in U.S..
In terms of revenues, the game industry has been growing faster than any other part of the entertainment business over the past five years.

American consumers are spending much more money on video games than they do at movie theaters. Still, total film revenues--including video rentals and sales--remain far higher than those of games.
Although 1999's $ 8.8 billion in the U.S game sales didn't surpass home video sales, this will happen within the next one to three years as more consumers move away from passive forms of entertainment like music and films and toward the interactive and emotional world of games.

The Playstation2, which costs $299, also has a DVD player, creating two consumer products in one. It can play audio CDs, DVD movies, or game software.
The PlayStation 2 will offer a fast network connection and an optional hard drive that has lots of space for downloading games, videos, movies and music.

Microsoft will release a video game console called the Xbox, using a 735MHz Pentium3 chip and a custom designed 3D chip, to best the PlayStation2 in 2001.
It will carry 64MB of RAM, an 8 MB hard drive, and a built-in DVD player and will be equipped with high-speed Ethernet connections for broadband connections to the Net.

Unlike previous Nintendo consoles that used proprietary silicon-based cartridges, Gamecube players uses 3-inch, 1.5GB proprietary optical discs developed for Nintendo by Panasonic's parent Matsushita.
Unlike Sony and Microsoft, who are strategically positioning their consoles as multipurpose digital entertainment devices that can play DVD movies and connect to the Internet, GameCube's sole stated purpose is to play games.

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