D. Elizabeth Smith

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To secure a position in the public relations field


2001 Communications Intern, Republican Party of Florida

On a daily basis I searched every Florida newspaper and most national newspapers for anything pertaining to the organization. It was my duty to bring to the attention of my superiors any negativity in the press about the Party. In addition, I represented the Party at numerous press conferences and committee meetings throughout the summer where I interacted with key legislators and media. I wrote articles for the media and for our in-house publications such as the “Triumph” and the “Focus.”

1996-1999 Research Administrator, American Public Dialogue

I managed the front office and kept our clients up to date on the research being conducted. It was my job to count and input all data that our phone bank collected. Aside from those duties it was my responsibility to hire as many as 30 part time employees on a weekly basis and to keep communications with the phone bank. I participated in many local organizations and enjoyed helping with campaigns, which was also part of my duties there.

1995-1996 Night Cashier, Cafe Carmon

At Cafe Carmon, I was responsible for handling all of the money for the hostesses and servers. My duties included customer service at the front and in the evenings making sure all the money was accounted for and distributed correctly before setting the alarm and locking the doors.

991-1992 Legislative Page and Messenger, The State of Florida

During the legislative sessions I worked for one week per session. My responsibilities included aiding the legislators during session and returning to their offices to help direct mail and phone calls.


1998 Most Outstanding Student in Political Science, Florida Community College of Jacksonville


1997-1999..... Associate in Arts, Florida Community College of Jacksonville

2000-Present..... Attending University of Florida pursuing a Public Relations degree
............................. Anticipated graduation in Spring of 2002


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