It's 10:00 AM Saturday morning, and it's Gator Game Day! We are all feeling a little rough from pre-partying last night, but this isn't an ordinary morning for Gators, it's Game Day. I wake up our out-of-town guests and the roommies. They pretend to hate my personal gator theme CD but I blare it anyway. I begin to clean the leftover beer bottles from the night before.

My parents are driving down with some family friends from Jacksonville, and I need to be showered and geared with orange and blue before they arrive. I also need to come up with something in my "college student pantry" to serve the folks during the pre-game partying. Hopefully they will bring the beer!

This is my favorite part about going to the University of Florida. I do fit the category of faithful gator and crazy football fan. It is usually a game day goal for me to lose my voice because of all the high scores or not so high scores the gators are giving us.

The Game starts at 3:00 PM, so Dad will start rushing us out of the door around 12:30 PM. I believe I have figured the age thing out. The older you get, the sooner you need to be at the Gator football games. I have tested this. As soon as you hit your thirties, provided you are a huge gator fan, it is a mad rush to sit in an empty stadium while the youngin's finish their beer.

The parents arrive, and the frenzy begins. The family friends get the tour. I stay busy trying to keep everyone in good Gator spirits while catching a buzz at the same time. Around 2:30 PM, My dad begins to get out-of-control with the count-down updates, and we head out the door to the game. Dad insists upon walking 20 feet in front of us so he can stop in the crowd of 500 to wait for us to catch up. My mom, stepfather and I are walking as slowly as possible to catch every last sip of beer we can swallow before being noticed by campus police. We surely don't want any open-container violations. Finally, we make it to the gate and part our separate ways, planning to meet after the game.

The game is full of orange and blue screaming idiots. Kids are being escorted out left and right for having alcohol inside the game. Life is great. We sing the national anthem and Mr. Two-Bits comes out for his legendary cheer, even though he retired a few years ago. The cheerleaders are throwing each other up and down. I love every second of this game. The end of third quarter hits. A large group of college students have disappeared, probably due to alcohol. Some are sick and some are headed to the bar to watch the game from the big screen with a cold pitcher. We sing another Gator theme song, "We are the Boys." This is my favorite part of the game. If we are killing the other team, this is also my cue to leave so I can get a head start on the cold pitchers.

My parents stagger out of the stadium and meet me at the bar. It is their turn to pretend they are college students all over again. I don't mind this at all because they are picking up the beer tab! We all stagger home around 2AM, and my parents are still recovering from their hangover the following Wednesday. They are all better just in time to do it all over again!