Elizabeth's 22nd Birthday at Caribbean Sin in Flagler Beach, Florida with childhood friends Kim and Kris Hancock. Poor Kris was sick, but was a trooper through the entire weekend anyway.
This is the most recent picture of the girls in my mom's side of the family. Pictured left to right is me, Jamie, Ginny, and Sarah. Sarah is my sister and Ginny and Jamie are my cousins (who sometimes had the role as older sisters!) This picture was taken at Ragtime Tavern during Ginny's bachlorette party in June.
This is me and my Dad at the Florida vs. Auburn Game 2000. As you can see we are avoiding an open container violation but putting our beer in the red cups while we cross 13th Street in Gainesville.
Pictured left to right is my Mom and Step-dad, me, my Dad and Jeff, Ali and her Dad. This picture was taken as we were on our way to the Purple Porpoise after the football game. My parents are already starting to prentend they are back in college.
These are my Gainesville girls. Pictured left to right, Sasha (my roomie), Renee (aka sha-nae-nae) Aoife, me, and Kendra. There isn't anything I enjoy more than a night on the town with these girls. This picture was taken at the Full Circle on Main Street in Gainesville.